The Opening of tourist season 2017 in Czech Switzerland

During the weekend of 21.-23. April 2017 the traditional Opening of tourist season will be held. 

Friday 21.4. 12:30 – Unlocking Krinicke bike trails  

Guided cycling trip through National Parks Czech and Saxon Switzerland. The ride is from Krasna Lipa, trail leads along the river through unique landscape to Bad Schandau.

Saturday 22.4. 9:00 – Trip to neighbouring Sasko – Míšeň

Trip from Krasna Lipa by train to Misen where is walk around the city and visit of local manufacture MEISSEN. For this event, it is necessary to register in advance. 

Saturday 22.4. 17:00 – Concert in Rumburk

Pilgrimage songs of Sluknov and works of regional authors will sound at a concert in the church of St. Lawrence. Admission is voluntary.

Sunday 23.4. 8:30 – Excursion AROUND Czech Switzerland - Šluknovsko and Benešovsko

Introduction of lesser known, yet attractive places in the region. Guided walks through the cities Sluknov and Benesov nad Ploucnici and their surroundings. For this event, it is necessary to register in advance. 

More information about events you can find here.