Wellness packages

Duo wellness package - the package included a total of 6 treatments!

Soothing, purifying and relaxing "wellness packet for two" using oil Santalo wood, which by its deep and lasting fragrance notes in harmony chakra different levels. Stones also transmit heat outside nakumulovaného very strong energetic vibration and affect the meridians - energy pathways leading from the fingertips to our internal organs.

  • 30 min. Chacra stone masáž (neck, back)
  • 25 min. Instrumental drainage leg massage
  • IROHA - Mask on hand with lifting and firming effect

Price: 1940 Kč / 2 persons

Price after discount: 1500 Kč / 2 persons

Babymoon wellness package

"Babymoon" therapy helps women cope better with the changes taking place in their bodies during pregnancy. It is suitable for expectant mothers. Released upon the tension in your body, refresh, regenerate, nourish and bring you a feeling of confidence and beauty. For the sake of your health and the best care we use only high quality pure natural products and provide quality care geared to your individual needs.

Description of treatment:

  • Holistic gentle massage of the neck, shoulders and back - performed while sitting. This massage using lavender oil (which soothes, cleanses, counteracts stress, tones, activates the defenses of our body and releases), a beneficial effect against back pain and neck pain
  • Holistic facial massage, which induces deep sedation, enhances mental and physical well-being and harmonizes
  • IROHA - Mask on hand with lifting and firming effect

Price: 980 Kč/ 1 person / 60 minutes