Hot Stone Massage

Natural stones ability to maintain the temperature of this treatment is not only incredibly relaxing, but also healing. Enjoy a unique moment of perfect relaxation, peace and harmony.

Price: 450 Kč/ 30 minutes, 800 Kč/ 60 minutes, 1200 Kč/ 90 minutes

Hawaiian massage - Lomi-lomi

Exotic massage with sounds of Hawaiian music, which has a pleasantly energizing effect, gives the body, the skin, but also the soul vitality and new energy. Called "pearl among massages".

Price: 500 Kč/ 30 minutes, 900 Kč/ 60 minutes, 1300 Kč/ 90 minutes

Classic relaxing massage

Relaxation massage technique relaxing the body and mind. It is suitable not only as a pain relief, but also an effective and pleasant prevention.

Price: 350 Kč/ 25 minutes, 700 Kč/ 60 minutes, 1100 Kč/ 90 minutes, 1300 Kč/ 120 minnutes

Targeted massage

The technique focuses on specific issues ... joint pain, back and neck pain, etc. A combination of several massage techniques and instruments STARVAC focusing on the elimination of physical problems and chronic pain with maximum efficiency in the shortest time.

Price: 400 Kč/ 30 minutes, 750 Kč/ 60 minutes, 1100 Kč/ 90 minutes

Holistic massage candle

Luxury massage inducing deep relaxation of the whole organism and especially recharge new and positive energy. It's a real sensory experience aromatherapy.

Price: 550 Kč/ 30 minuest, 1000 Kč/ 60 minutes, 1400 Kč/ 90 minutes

Nord massage

Massage designed especially for men, which has a relaxing, drainage and regenerative effects. Techniques of STARVAC device, not only brings relief of muscle tension, but also improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the skin which also acts as an effective prevention and pleasant.

Price: 400 Kč/ 30 minutes, 800 Kč/ 60 minutes, 1200 Kč/ 90 minutes

Breuss massage

Gentle method acting on the muscles around the spine, which can relax the intervertebral disc and thereby relieve pain, which can cause pressure on the spinal nerve.

Price: 350 Kč/ 25 minutes

Lymphatic massage

Activates the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system ... one of the most effective helpers in the maintenance of the lymphatic system.

Price: 600 Kč/ 60 minutes, 1100 Kč/ 120 minutes, sleeves - 40 Kč

Spa mélange

Therapy ranks among the most popular for its relaxing effect. By combining massages of your choice and facial massage helps to the total relaxation, total relaxation, elimination of tiredness and pain.

Price: from 700 to 1100 Kč/ 60 minutes

Facial massage

Many generations of proven massage, which in addition to significant cosmetic effect, deeply relaxes our psyche, reduces stress, increases concentration and clarity of thought.

Price: 350 Kč/ 20 - 30 minutes

Holistic facial massage candle

Induces deep sedation, allows mental and physical well-being and harmonizes. Used rejuvenation techniques are an effective anti-aging naturally.

Price: 400 Kč/ 20 - 30 minutes

Lymphatic massage of the face and neck

Special method that effectively acts on the face, smoothes, detoxifies and restores the proper flow of lymph.

Price: 400 Kč/ 30 minutes

Soysoy treatment and facial massage

Special procedures for the face, with products containing soy and rice (without engineered components). Renewing the structure of the facial skin, making it smooth, increases hydration, elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Performs two kinds of massage, beautician butterfly uses vigorous hand movements. Recommended clients from 35 years.

Price: 500 Kč/ 30 minutes