Anti- age programs

Instrumental treatments

Perfect body

Down with flabby skin and cellulite. Treatment is carried out by combining two methods using instruments Starvac Photo SP2 and electro-poration Skin System (PSP) - designed for professional skin treatments and body specific cosmetic defects. For each customer's individual created an effective treatment depending on the condition being treated skin problem on which we operate. Excellent anti-aging effect in the treatment of the skin of the body visible after the first treatment.

Selection and treatment costs 1 treatment 5 treatments 10 treatments
Cellu Activ - relieves symptoms of cellulite 1000,- 4500,- 8500,-
Tone Active - modeling and firming lipolytic effect 1000,- 4500,- 8500,-
Liss Active - smoothing, strengthening the skin and reducing stretch marks 1000,- 4500,- 8500,-
LipoActiv - reducing, lipolytic effect 1000,- 4500,- 8500,-


Duration of treatment - about 40 minutes - depending on the treated area

Possibility of buying single treatment or preferential treatment package more.


Intelligent therapeutic method often used in cosmetics, physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine, oncology and angiology for drainage and reduction of venous and lymphatic edema. Activates circulation (venous and lymphatic), stimulates the re-absorption of the interstitial fluid and the drainage of the fluids towards the organic filters.

Price: 300 Kč/ 45 minutes

Bodyvital– teraphy STARVAC

Shock procedure how to improve the character, as well as cellulite reduction and fat pads. Innovative treatment that fights against the hardest cellulite. Layer after layer. Actions for actions. Excellent treatment, which gradually changes every contour and curve of your body achieves sculpted figure and noticeably firmer skin.

Thighs, buttocks: 500 Kč/ 40 minutes

Belly, hips: 400 Kč/ 30 minutes

Back, neck: 400 Kč/ 30 minutes

Hands: 400 Kč/ 30 minutes

Face, chest, chin: 250 Kč/ 20 minutes

+ Support bark of choice, enhances the effect of the treatment:

Warm-final + emulsion cream: 100 Kč

Firming and supportive cure: od 300 Kč/ 20 minutes

Arosha slinning expres program

Relieve symptoms of your cellulite with body bandage combined with pressotherapy. Results visible after the first treatment! Treatment has a slimming effect, and in combination with drainage effect, thereby helping to model a character. Suitable for overweight - cellulite - fluid retention.

Price: from 970 Kč according to the material used / 90 minutes

Light feet

The program, which activates the venous circulation and lymphatic system, oxygenates and lightens. Reduce the swelling, normalizes blood circulation, release pollutants, ongoing detoxification, eliminate cramps and leg pain. Get back the feeling of "light legs".

Price: 1200 Kč/ 90- 120 minutes


To get rid of wrinkles, but are afraid to painful injections? MESOB.T. X is an innovative technique that using electroporation and high blend component Argireline®vyhlazuje wrinkles, expression lines without the use of needles and prevents the possible adverse effects of botulinum toxin. When the procedure instrument used PSP SYSTEM (Photo Skin Electro-ration) is based on innovative technology fotoelektroporace, which is a combination of electroporation with phototherapy.

Price: 1200 Kč/ 30 minutes

Price (package of 6 treatments): 5000 Kč /when one-off payment/


Treatments for skin requiring rapid improvements and strong momentum cosmetic. The method of non-invasive mesotherapy principle fotoelektroporace, made with the PSP for the removal of cosmetic defects. Your skin will have smaller pores, will The bright, off, smooth and clean. Alleviate signs of fatigue, blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles and cock tracks. Treatment suitable for the face and neck and decollete.

Price(face, neck): 900 Kč/ 40 minutes

Price (package of 9 treatments): 7000 Kč /when one-off payment/